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Who Are We


We are an organization exclusively dedicated to advising non-profit groups and those receiving grants for Development Cooperation:

We have a highly qualified and specialized team from this sector and we are endorsed by more than 2,000 Justifications for Economic and Technical Grants for Development Cooperation, which we have backing us. We also have among our personnel those people who have created manuals for the Administration regarding the material for justifying funds.

We guarantee that your NGO will only have to worry about what is important.


We prepare any documentation that you need to provide to your Financing Organization with the confidence that you have the best person supporting you.


Our experience includes the high quality work of over 2,000 justifications for Economic and Technical grants for Development Cooperation. Some of the people who make up our personnel have created manuals for the Administration regarding the material for justifying funds.


We are a team or professionals exclusively dedicated to assessing non-profit groups and those receiving grants for Development Cooperation.


We respond to those requirements that the administration demands so that you can defend yourself with any legal tools available.

Our Services

The experience of Documenta ONG will allow you to leave all your administrative paperwork and processing in our hands with complete security.

We provide all the tools necessary to complete all the required paperwork successfully.

Justifications: We create Economic & Technical Statements (account justifications) to justify grant funds to the Administration or any other financing agency.

Review: We complete review reports for the account justifications so that the beneficiary may understand the status of the documentation before delivering it to the corresponding administration or financing agency..

Auditor from the Official Registry of Auditors: For those projects where it is required, such as External Evaluations or Annual Account Reports, we provide an Auditor from the Official Registry of Auditors.

Resources: We prepare material and answers for any requirements that the Administration may ask for.

Specialization: We are not only dedicated to cooperation grants.

Languages: Our services can be completed in Spanish, English, French, or a combination of these languages.
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Documenta ONG: our services for NGO's

This Is How It Works

1. Study

Documenta ONG comes to your office and examines the documentation and regulations related to your project.

2. Estimate

We inform you, with no commitment required, of the possible projects that we could complete to help you and the potential savings that we anticipate.

3. Review

Documenta ONG will collect the documentation from your office or if you prefer, and so you are more at ease, you can provide a space for us to complete our work at your office.

4. Project

We inform you by phone, mail or in person of the weaknesses that we need your help with.

5. Presentation

We prepare an Economic Statement, report or response so that you can resolve your needs with your financing organization.

Types of Grants

The types of grants that we are specialized in:

  • Competitive and non-competitive International Cooperation Grants.
  • Open Bid and Permanent (CAP) Grants.
  • Actions, projects and agreements for Development Cooperation.
  • Registered Grants.
  • Inter-University Cooperation Programs.
  • Grants derived from Memorandums of Understanding, Letters of Agreement, and Grants Awarded to Public or Specifically Registered International Legal Bodies. Any other grant related to Development Cooperation.
  • Other grants for development cooperation.

There are no problems that we can’t solve together, and there are very few that we can solve alone

Lyndon Johnson

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Why do accidents occur when presenting justifications?

A justification for a grant is just as or more important than obtaining the grant.

The reasons that these errors occur are commonly related with a lack of knowledge of the sector, the most common being:

  • An error in the legal interpretation motivated by the quantity of different financing entities and their independent ways of justifying.
  • The absence of personnel specialized in the justification material for funds for Cooperation.
  • The existence of a mistaken idea that the justification of funds is an unnecessary topic or one that does not have enough interest relating to land projects.
  • Personnel dedicated to other tasks take unilateral decisions relating to the justification.



Are these errors excusable?

A misinterpretation of the legislation?
Yes, absolutely

Invalid documentation that is delivered?
Yes, absolutely

Incorrect use of public funds destined for our initial purposes?
Yes, but it is more difficult

Time to appeal a transfer?

Consequences of not excusing errors.

We may find that even if you have already received the grant, the poor management of it could cause an adverse situation for your organization.

The primary consequences of not completing the justification requirements are as follows:

  • It is impossible to receive a grant from the public administration.
  • The freezing of the situation until the improperly justified amount is repaid.
  • The interest from delays and the penalization for the wrongful use of public funds could cause for a significantly higher amount than the estimate.
  • A stopping of the non-profit organization’s activities.

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Where are we located

  • Addresss: C/José Picón 23 2º IZQ, 28028, Madrid
  • Phone: (+34) 911 960 499
  • Cell: (+34) 626 496 874
  • Email:

Are you concerned that your organization might need our council? Don't worry, just like we said, you can tell us about your situation and we will study your documents and give you an estimate with no commitment required.

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